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P4PP Mobile Unit Providing Help One Household At A Time!

P4PP Mobile Unit mission is to end homelessness for pets in our community. We work to help families who are experiencing temporary financial stress provide for their pets while they work to improve their circumstances. We hope that by helping families through these difficult situations, their pets are able to stay in their home, and we can prevent the heartbreaking choice of surrendering them to a shelter. The P4PP Mobile Unit operation is sustained by donations of food and supplies from our community.

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How Does P4PP Mobile Unit Work:


If you are experiencing temporary financial stress and are unable to pay for your pet’s food, you may be able to receive help from our P4PP Mobile Unit.

  • To apply for P4PP Mobile Unit assistance, please CLICK HERE to fill out the application

  • Eligible pet owners may receive a delivery from P4PP Mobile Unit once a month.

  • Staff will portion out a month’s supply of food for a maximum of 5 cats and 3 dogs per household.

  • Food is available for indoor house pets only.

  • Services are dependent on our supply.

  • One bag or one box of treats can be distributed once a month per household depending on availability.

  • Food is distributed based on the weight of the animal/s:

    • Dogs under 25lbs: 10lbs of dry food per dog per month

    • Dogs 26-50lbs: 20lbs dry dog food per dog per month

    • Dogs 51lbs and over: 30lbs dry dog food per dog per month

Please note:

Due to a high volume of submission we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are unable to take requests for specific brands and cannot guarantee the quantity of food available at any given time. Please rest assured that we've got your back! 

Helping You & Your Fur Babies Stay Home. 

P4PP Mobile Unit Application & Waiver


Waiver and Release:

  • The P4PP Mobile Unit is not responsible for any illness or injury that may be caused from any items distributed through our charity services. Bags of food may be opened prior to distribution and supplies may be gently used. P4PP MU cannot accept requests for certain brands of food. P4PP MU cannot guarantee the amount of food or supplies or their availability through the food bank. P4PP MU also reserves the right to limit distribution to five cats/three dogs per household. We reserve the right to restrict distribution once a month to each household/rescue organization. P4PP MU reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who becomes verbally abusive with P4PP MU staff or volunteers.

  • Please note that those receiving food from the P4PP  Mobile Unit are not eligible to adopt a pet from P4PP MU unless we deem appropriate. P4PP MU will discontinue providing Pet Food Delivery service to those who acquire more pets or have plans on breeding their pets. We encourage Pet Food Charity recipients to focus on their current pets before adding new pets to the home.

  • I have read the waiver and release and understand the restrictions of the P4PP Mobile Unit.*

I have read the waiver and release and understand the restrictions of the P4PP Mobile Unit. *

Thanks for submitting!

P4PP Mobile Unit receives no operational funding from any government or national humane society, so we rely on your support. Donations of dry cat and dog food, any brand, are especially desired. Science Diet brand, canned or dry, is needed for  shelter animals. Please keep those donations coming and show us the love!

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